I was honored to be asked by members of the Hampden-Newburgh Little League to give welcoming remarks to the teams. During the opening ceremonies Dewey Martin was honored with a plaque for his many years of faithful volunteer efforts on behalf of the Little League program in the Hampden area. Dewey tirelessly gives of his time and talents to raise funds, organize teams and schedule the games. Also recognized for his efforts of over twenty year on behalf of Little League in central Maine was Bob Stephenson.

I also was asked to throw out one of the first pitches. Although not known for my athletic prowess I delivered a pretty good pitch right across the plate which was deemed a solid strike. 

Little League is a great program. Founded by Carl Stotz in 1939 as a three-team league in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Little League Baseball encourages local volunteers to organize and operate Little League programs that are annually chartered through Little League International. Each league can structure itself to best serve the children in the area in which the league operates. Several specific divisions of Little League baseball and softball are available to children ages 5 to 18. The organization holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United States Code.


(Source of information is Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_League_Baseball )